The Arlington Game

Playing 'The Game' in Arlington


Let me start off by what my weakness is when I meet women at bars. I am a twenty-one year old who has not finished college, as of yet. I was offered the opportunity to expand my career; while holding my degree off for the time. I don’t work out, and I am always asked to show my ID because I look as I may be seventeen years old.

These traits do not help in a community filled with older women, who are looking for an even older male to settle down with. These are not the days of my college years; however, when I first arrived, I was determined to not let that slow me down – it did.

So when I was refereed to a book called “The Game” by Neil Strauss – I laughed. I never had any difficulty with girls in high school or college. I decided to read the book from interest, but I would be lying if I wasn’t trying to improve my technique for the Arlington area. So I have decided to record my interactions of using the game in these next articles. My identity has been changed, names have been altered, but the locations will stay unedited. These are my stories – enjoy.

This is a temporary site and will be updated as the blog moves along.


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